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20 year, Norway. ♥ My inspiration page on my way to be fit and living a healthy lifestyle.
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please dont be ashamed of stretch marks it is proof you are growing it doesnt mean you are fat it means youre growing into a pretty flower you are special and cute 

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22. July


Rest in peace all those who lost their lives at Utøya and the gouvernment’s street. You will never be forgotten.
And to all those survivors who keep reliving it still: you’re in my thoughts and I have the greatest respect for you.

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So I made this post over a year ago now.

I can’t believe it has gotten over 500,000 notes.

I’m really glad this got out and was seen.

A large number of the responses were people happy that their eyes had been opened up to the kind of craziness that goes on with photoshopping and some of the incredibly unrealistic standards for women. 

Remember this and remember that what you see in the media isn’t always reality. 

"Even celebrities don’t look like celebrities."

Motherfucking Enrico Francis

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oh wow

Well fuck. Something else to aspire to.

For the love of strength and yoga training! :o

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Anonymous asked: How to Deal with a very low self esteem? Thank you😘



Oh honey, I will try to help you out here, this is so close to home for me.

Okay so I often find myself in very exposed situations where dance teachers go “You have to make the audience believe you are the freaking best even if you’re not” and that’s so hard for me. I struggle with it a lot.

Anyway, that’s side tracked because we are talking about you. What I recommend is every day wake up and try to find at least one thing you like or can love about yourself. If you can’t do that, one thing you find okay about yourself. And write it down. And remind yourself all day about it. Until you don’t forget that you have that positive attribute, be it your eye colour or your handwriting or your passion for whatever it is you love to do or your fashions sense or your nose. Write it down.

Next day, do the same thing. Until you have this big list! And then, anything you don’t love about yourself up there, try to learn to love it. Every day, find a reason why you should love it. Example: my strong legs allow me to dance all day every day. So think of some of those for everything you don’t love about yourself yet, and write them down. Until you do love them! And do it for the whole list, until you love everything on that list. Do that until you realise that there is so much to love about yourself and so much awesome in you, be it physical or mental or spiritual or behavioural.

And if you are ever in a situation where you suddenly feel overwhelmed and you feel like you’re not good enough for something, remind yourself. And breathe. And remember that you are the best you and the only you and no-one will be better at you than being you. You’re perfect as long as you’re being yourself. There is no way you can be anything but perfect if you’re just being you.

:) xxxx

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